Cycle of Prayer

The Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago 





Pray Daily for – CLAUDE our Bishop

Calvin, Rawle and Clive, Retired Bishops


1 Holy Trinity Cathedral , P.O.S. The Ordinary
The Rev. Fr. Carl Williams (Interim  Rector)
The Rev.  David Ferdinand Pollard
Trinity College The Rev. Cheryl Mottley
Trinity Junior School The Rev. Edwina Peters
Mission to Seafarers Chaplaincy The Rev. Fr. Titus Ackbarali
2 All Saints, Newtown, P.O.S The Ordinary
The Rev. Eric Drew
Bishop Anstey High School The Rev. Carlisle Pemberton
Bishop’s Centenary College
3 Christ Church, Cascade, P.O.S. The Ordinary
Bishop Anstey Junior School The Rev. Canon Dr. Knolly Clarke (Interim)
St Ann’s Hospital (Dean Emeritus)
Christian Education The Rev. Patricia St. Bernard
4 S. Agnes, S. James, P.O.S. The Ordinary
The Rev. Marsha Joseph
5 S. Crispin, Woodbrook, P.O.S. The Ordinary
Princess Elizabeth School for the Physically challenged The Rev. Lyris Bailey
6 S. Margaret, Belmont, P.O.S. The Rev. Canon  Ronald Branche
The Revd. Gerald Hendrickson
The General Hospital, P.O.S. The Rev. Canon (Emeritus) Selwyn Nurse
7 S. Jude, Arima The Ordinary
Christian Ecumenism and inter- Religious The Rev. Fr. Ashley Mungal
8 S. Thomas, Chaguanas The Ordinary
Dioceses of The Gambia; Guinea; Chelmsford The Rev. Fr. Eric Thompson
Canon John Metivier, -Commissary in the U.K. The Rev. Enrique Moore
Fr. Andy Moore – Commissary in New Jersey & New York; The Rev. Claire Sandy- Robinson
Friends of the Diocese overseas
9 S. Andrew, Couva The Rev. Fr. Carlyle Lynch
Diploma in Pastoral Studies Diocesan Programme The Rev. Fr. E. St. Clair Jones
Institute of Pastoral Care The Rev. Winston Roberts
Codrington College
United Theological College of the W.I.
Seminarians and Lay Evangelists
10 Holy Saviour, Curepe The Ordinary
U.W.I. St. Augustine The Rev. Shelley-Ann Tenia
Mt. Hope Medical Complex The Rev. Ainsley Prince
Hugh Wooding Law School; The Rev. Danielle Pontiflet
UTT Valsayn The Rev. Dr. Wendy Quamina-Yorke
The Rev. Fr. Louis Belgraves
11 S. Michael and All Angels, Diego Martin The Ordinary
S. Michael School for Boys The Rev. Fr. Ashton Gomez
The Defence Force
12 S. Augustine, La Brea The Ordinary
Fyzabad Anglican Secondary School The Rev. Wayne Maughan
The Rev. Donald Gopaul
13 S. Matthias, Laventille The Ordinary
Anglican Church Men’s Society The Rev. Fr. George Archer
The Rev. Beverley Hoyte
14 Holy Cross, Marabella The Ordinary
The Healing Ministry The Rt. Rev. Calvin Bess
The Rev. Margaret Barker-Caesar
15 S. Patrick, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago The Rev. Fr. Hilton Bonas
The Diocesan Retreat Movement The Rev. Helen Nathan
16 S. Clement, Naparima The Ordinary
UTT Corinth
17 Grace Church, New Grant The Ordinary
Human work and the unemployed The Rev. Fr. Wilson Thomas
The Rev. Augustus Thompson
18 S. Mary, Pembroke, Tobago The Ordinary
Diocesan Mothers’ Union The Rev. Dona Harrison
The Rev. Denease Hercules
19 S. Barnabas, Pleasantville The Ordinary
Fellowship of Vocation The Revd. Canon Steve West
20 S. David, Plymouth, Tobago The Venerable Philip Isaac
Diocesan Primary Schools (Archdeacon, Tobago)
S. Peter, Pointe-a-Pierre The Rt. Rev. Rawle Douglin
21 S. Mark, Point Fortin The Rev. Canon Winston Mulcare
Renewal Ministries The Rev. Deane Husbands
22 S. Stephen, Princes Town The Ordinary
S. Stephen’s College The Rev. Fr. Michael Greenidge
Lay Ministers The Rev. Fr. Harold S. Dickerson
23 S. Faith, Rio Claro The Ordinary
Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, The Rev. Fr. Alvin Best
Youth Coordinator, All who work with Children and Youth The Rev. Evon Vinson
24 S. Paul, San Fernando The Venerable Edwin Primus
Charities working for the spread of the Gospel: (Archdeacon, South)
US, SACF & New England Co. The Rev. Fr. Wendell Bernard
San Fernando General Hospital
25 S. James the Just, Sangre Grande The Rev. Fr. Edwin Tembo
Diocesan Day of Prayer The Rev. Kervyn Scipio
Lay Officers of the Diocese: Chancellor, Registrar, Trustees, Diocesan Secretary & Property Advisor The Rev. Winston Lewis
26 S. Andrew, Scarborough, Tobago The Rev. Canon Richard Jacob
Bishop’s High School
Scarborough General Hospital
27 S. Christopher, Siparia The Ordinary
Those who travel The Rev. Fr. Aaron Charles
28 S. Mary, Tacarigua The Ordinary
The Rev. Fr. Anderson Maxwell
S. Mary’s Children’s Home The Rev. Fr. Titus Ackbarali
Bishop Anstey High School East The Rev. Theodore Findlay
Trincity Colleges (BATCE)
29 S. David, Toco The Ordinary
The Rev. Albert Nixon
The Anglican Communion
Dioceses and Bishops of the C.P.W.I.
30 The Good Shepherd, Tunapuna The Venerable Kenley Baldeo
Chaplaincies: (Archdeacon North)
The Protective Services; The State Prisons
Hospitals; Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Corps
31 Retired Clergy The Rev. Fr. Carlyle Adams
The Rev. Fr. Oswald Alexander
The Rev. Lystra Barclay
The Rev. Canon Francis Caesar
The Rev. Canon Kenneth Forrester
(Archdeacon Emeritus)
The Rev. Canon Jemmott Hazlewood
(Canon Emeritus)
The Rev. Fr. David Harrison
The Rev. Keston Mc Letchie
The Rev. Marva Kellman
The Rev. Fr. Roy Hercules
The Rev. Fr. Anthony Mowlah-Baksh
The Rev. Canon John Rohim
The Rev. Marcus Joseph

General Licence

  • The Rev. Canon (Emeritus) Selwyn Nurse
  • The Rev. Fr. Jesus Latan
  • The Rev. Canon Colin Sampson (Canon Missioner)
  • The Rev. Fr. Lionel Richards

  • The Nation State of Trinidad and Tobago
  • His Excellency the President
  • The Honourable Prime Minister
  • The Parliament
  • The Judiciary
  • The People of our Nation

A deeper commitment by all Anglicans to the Mission and Vision of the Church

The Mission

To give honour and glory to God and to work towards helping the people of God to live according to the principles of His Kingdom through participation in the various programmes and ministries of the Church.

The Vision

To continue the transformation of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago into a New Wine Vineyard where the entire community of stewards, labourers, tenants and others know and love God and each other, and where all branches are cared for and firmly connected to the vine, and in which the productive processes are high-level, sustainable and accountable functions resulting in a high-quality abundant yield of New Wine.