• Event Time 6:55 am
  • Event Start Date May 5, 2018
  • Event Location Couva Shopping Complex, Isaac Jct., Couva

The 146th Session of the Annual Synod

May 2: Opening Ceremony
May 3, 4 and 5: Business days

Synod 2018 Artwork
Officers of Synod
The Synod of the Church meets at least once per year and has authority to make rules for the regulation and discipline of the Church subject to confirmation by the Provincial Synod.
In accordance with the Diocesan Regulations (8:2) the members of the Synod are the Bishop, the Coadjutor, the Chancellor, the Registrar, the Diocesan Secretary, the Trustees, the Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Finance, the Diocesan Property Adviser, the Diocesan Youth Coordinator, all licensed or instituted clergymen and Lay Evangelists, the lay representatives, eight youth representatives, the lay members of (Diocesan) Council, two representatives of the Mothers’ Union and two representatives of the Anglican Church Men’s Society.

The Diocesan Bishop/The Ordinary
The Bishop is the Chief Administrator and Spiritual Leader of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the Chief Pastor and Father in God of all within the Diocese. He is the Senior Trustee in the Diocese.
The Bishop is President of the Synod and has the right of veto to any measure with which he is not in agreement. When Synod is not in session, the Diocesan Council exercises the rights and powers vested in Synod. The Bishop is Chairman of the Diocesan Council and ex-officio member of all Diocesan Committees.
The Right Reverend Claude Berkley, Lord Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago, was consecrated on March 17, 2011.
The Coadjutor Bishop is appointed if the Bishop desires to have Episcopal assistance. The Diocese has no Coadjutor Bishop at this time Their Lordships, Calvin Bess, Clive Abdulah and Rawle Douglin are retired Bishops having retired in 2010, 1992 and 2000 respectively.

The Chancellor
The Chancellor is the legal Advisor to the Bishop and is an ex-officio member of the Diocesan Council. The Chancellor is also the Chairman of the Regulations Committee and the Marriage Advisory Committee and is the Legal Assessor to the Bishop in trials of Priests and Deacons in the Diocesan Court. The Chancellor is appointed by the Bishop and demits office when the Bishop retires. Justice Paula Mae Weekes is the Chancellor of the Diocese. She was appointed by the previous Bishop in 2001 having served in a similar capacity under Bishop Douglin.

The Registrar

The Registrar is the Legal Officer of the Diocese and holds office at the pleasure of the Bishop. He is an ex-officio member of the Diocesan Council and the Regulations Committee. Mr Mark Ramkerrysingh, was appointed as Registrar in February 2014 on the resignation of the then Registrar, Mr Phillip Lamont.

The Trustees
There are four Trustees who comprise the legal body known as the Incorporated Trustees of the Anglican Church. All the assets of the Church (including property and amounts held in banks) are vested in the Trustees who are the Diocesan Treasurers and are responsible to the Bishop in Council for the management of the finances of the Diocese.  The Bishop is the Chief Trustee. The other Trustees are Mrs Judy Chang, Mrs Jennifer Frederick and Mr Stephen Sheppard.

The Diocesan Secretary
The Diocesan Secretary performs such administrative duties as may be directed by the Bishop in Council. The Diocesan Secretary is the Secretary to Synod, the Diocesan Council and exercises the responsibility through the operation of the Diocesan Secretariat. The Diocesan Secretary, Ms Petal-Dawn Hinkson was appointed in May 2014.

The Diocesan Property Advisor
The Diocesan Property Adviser is the technical advisor to the Bishop on all matters relating to the property of the Diocese.

The Diocesan Youth Coordinator
The Diocesan Youth Coordinator is responsible to the Bishop in Council and is charged with the responsibility for coordinating activities in the areas of Evangelism, Anglican Faith and Practice, Self-esteem, Leadership, Spirituality and Inter-generational Cooperation which enable the holistic development of the Youth of the Diocese.  The Youth Coordinator, Ms Sharon Lamy, was appointed in September 2011.

The Diocesan Council
The Diocesan Council is responsible for the general administration of the Diocese under the direction of the Bishop. The Council comprises the ex-officio members listed above, the Archdeacons, the Dean, nine elected clergypersons, nine elected lay persons, one Lay Ministers’ Warden and two nominees of the Bishop. The elections and nominations are done annually in the Regions and at the Synod. When Synod is not in session the Diocesan Council exercises on its behalf the rights and powers vested in the Synod. All licensed Clergypersons are members of Synod.

Click here to read the Synod 2018 letter from the diocesan secretary and the agenda

Business days Venue: Couva Shopping Complex

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Synod 2018 Artwork
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