• Event Time 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Event Start Date August 12, 2017
  • Event Location St. Thomas Anglican Church, Chaguanas

St. Thomas Book Drive

Booklist 2017

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  • STP Caribbean mathematics Workbook 3- S. Chandler, E Smith.
  • Revised Edition mathematics for S.E.A Standard 4&5- Harry Subnaik and M. Rajnauth
  • A complete Mathematics Course for Secondary Schools Book 1- Raymond Toolsie
  • Process of Testing Mathematics for S.E.A. Standard 4- Vidya Maharaj
  • A complete Mathematics Course for Secondary Schools Book 2 Raymond Toolsie
  • CXC Papers

Addition Mathematics

  • Additional Mathematics- A complete course for CSEC- Raymond Toolsie


  • Developing Language Skills Book 1- Clifford Narinesingh
  • Language Arts Upper Primary Standard 4&5 ( Revised Edition): Caribbean Education Publishing
  • English For All, Book 3- Roy Narinesingh with Bhadase Seetahal-Maraj
  • Process of Testing language Arts for S.E.A. Standard 4- Vidya Maharaj
  • A Comprehensive English Course: CXC English A- Roy & Uriel Narinesingh
  • New Mastering CXC English A- Raydon Salick and Romeo Gunness

English Literature

  • Jungle Book- Rudyard Kipling
  • Literature is Life- Book 1- Roberts A Nimmo
  • Miguel Street- V.S. Naipaul
  • Ti-Jean and his Brothers- Derek Walcott
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird
  • A World of Prose by Hazel Simmons- Mc Donald


  • Biology for CXC- Raphael Raymond
  • Biology for CXC- Linda Atwatoo-Ail
  • CXC Skills foe Excellence- Agard, Carrington and Sealey
  • Biology – A concise Revision Course- Anne Tindale


  • Chemistry for CSEC- Susan Maraj


  • Physics for CXC- lambert Lewis, Dos Santos Samuel

Religious Education

  • Mastering World Religion- Ray Coolidge

 Integrated Science

  • Integrated Science for the Caribbean Book 1: Gene Samuel et al

Agricultural Science

  • CXC Agricultural Science- Ragoonan
  • Caribbean Agricultural Science Books 1 & 2_ A.I Henry
  • Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations- Ramharacksingh


  • ¿ Que Hay? Libros Del Alummo 1: Christistine Haylett et al
  • ¿Que Hay? Cuandemo 1: Christistine Haylett et al
  • ¿ Que Hay? Libros Del Alummo 3: Christistine Haylett et al
  • ¿ Que Hay? Libros Del Alummo 3: Christistine Haylett et al
  • ¿Que Hay? Para CSEC cuandemo : Christistine Haylett et al
  • Vacabulos y Modismus- Beedoor Maharaj, Reginald Charran
  • Collins Spanish Dictionary


  • Equipe Nouvelle 2- Daniele Bourdais, Sue Finnie, Anna Lise Gordon
  • Equipe Nouvelle 2 En plus Cahier d’activites- Daniele Bourdais, Sue Finnie
  • Expo 2 – Jon Meier, Gill Ramage
  • Expo 2- Cahier d’ Exercies rouge –Clive Bell
  • French for CSEC: A Caribbean Examination Council Study Guide- Heather Masele- Taylor
  • Comprehensive CXC French- K.A Simmonds& H. Simmonds
  • Collins French Dictionary

 Visual and Performing Arts

  • Learning Can be fun- L.A jean- Baptiste
  • Claire’s Workbook Music theory Exercises: Clare & Eros Mungal
  • Grade 1 Music Theory in Practice- Eric Taylor
  • Grade 2 Music Theory in Practice- Eric Taylor
  • The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1-Eric Taylor
  • Longman Visual Arts for Secondary Schools- Allan Seeparsad
  • Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC with SBA, Study Guide and Exercise- Keith Noel, Cheryl Raymond and Alafia Noel.

Physical Education

  • E to 16 ( Second Edition)- S. Fountain & L. Goodwin
  • E 1-2-3 Physical Education for Lower Secondary Schools Levels 1-2-3- G. Lai
  • Physical Education and Sport for Caribbean CSEC students- Kenny Kitsingh

Social Studies

  • Social Sciences; My Self, My World- Book 1: Anthony Luengo
  • Social Studies Atlas For Caribbean (2016)
  • Modules in Social Studies with SBA Guide and Questions- R. Ramsawak & R. Umaraw

Information Technology

  • Internet with Information Technology Book 1- R. Birhal & M. Taylor
  • NEC Preparation Kit: Intro to Computers – SoftDev Interactive.
  • Log on to I.T for CSEC 2nd edition- Roland Birbal
  • Information Technology for CSEC Examination by Howard Campbell & Allan Wood


  • Skills in geography in Secondary Schools- V.A Rahil
  • Geography skills for Secondary Schools- Lower Level Book 3-Dindal Seelochan
  • The Essentials to Map Reading- G.J Reardon Sheldon

Principles of Accounts

  • CSEC POA- Principles of Accounts- D. Ragoonanan

Principles of Business

  • Principles of Business for CSEC Self Study and Distance Learning- CXC


  • Caribbean Examination Council Economics for CSEC for self-study and distance learning

Creative Writing

  • Creative Writing for Primary School Student book 4&5- L. Home- Chung

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