• Event Time 2:00 pm
  • Event Start Date October 21, 2017
  • Event Location Southern Regional Indoor Arena, Off Prince Albert Street, San Fernando

Meet The Bishop 2017 - A Music Festival

Southern Regional Indoor Arena

1) From Port of Spain or Curepe take a San Fernando (Sando/San F’do) car. If you are able to fill a car fellow travelers then you have the option to hire the taxi to take you directly to the venue by asking the driver if he/she knows the location or showing him/her the location on a map. Negotiate your price and see you there! 2) If you are unable to hire a car then when you get to San Fernando, you will be dropped off on High Street which is the main street of the city. Along High Street there are cars that go to Pleasantville or P’ville. Note: There are no taxi stands for Pville cars. The best (2) locations to get a Pville taxi are: i) Opposite Republic Bank i.e. the Curepe/P.O.S. Taxi Stand on High Street or ii) Or at library corner (library corner is marked the old Carnegie library which looks similar to the red house in Port of Spain). Remember for safety, travel in numbers.