• Event Start Date July 6, 2018

ūüď謆Deadline Extended To:

Friday 06th July 2018

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Student Prizes:

  • 1st¬†Prize: Tablet + $2,000.00 value in units.
  • 2nd¬†Prize: Tablet + $1,000.00 value in units.
  • 3rd¬†Prize: Tablet + $500.00 value in units.

School Prizes:

  • 1st, 2nd¬†and 3rd¬†Prizes: ALG Products – (Agricultural, Lawn and Garden). (Courtesy FT Farfan)

Church Prizes:

  • 1st¬†Prize: (1)¬†Pressure washer, (1) Battery operated Brush cutter and¬†ALG Products¬†(Courtesy FT Farfan).
  • 2nd¬†Prize: (1)¬†Battery operated Brush cutter (Courtesy Supporters) and¬†ALG Products¬†(Courtesy FT Farfan).
  • 3rd¬†Prize: (1)¬†Battery operated Lawn mower and¬†ALG Products¬†(Courtesy FT Farfan).

[N.B. FT Farfan Ltd. carries the STIHL brand]

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ūüď謆Competition Registration Forms

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